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  • Autor: Mark Earlix
  • Editor: Dandelion Books,U.S.
  • Last data published: 19 February 2004
  • ISBN: 1893302490
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Description Creator de Mark Earlix:

HEALING IS A GIFT AVAILABLE TO ALL. PUT THE POWER OF HEALING TO WORK IN YOUR LIFE AND CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL AND LIVE! IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL: Learn about the mind of disease. Discover how healing can be broken down into simple laws of application. Learn how to apply healing for emotional and physical well-being of yourself and others. "Creator is a simple guide to self-enlightenment and spiritual empowerment. Mark's teachings provide the wisdom and philosophical background to let go of the memories that can create illness and disease." -- Judith Horowitch, Editor "Dear Mark, I called you on Monday to report that my cousin Brenda had breast cancer surgery and they failed to find any cancer in her breasts. Your healing worked perfectly on the breast cancer--Thank you! Love, P." "I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in 1990 and had been symptomatic of this disease for a minimum of five years prior to diagnosis. This disease involves an imbalance of hormones and results in hirsutism, cystic ovaries, infertility, weight gain, and long term effects are insulin resistance and gestational diabetes. This condition is considered irreversible and I have been medicated for this disorder since 1990. After working with Mark: At the end of February, 1999 I went to my physician to have the diagnostics repeated and the results returned that I no longer have this disease. Thank you very much for the health care you have provided." - J.C. "My name is Melissa. One day in July, I woke up to blurry vision in my right eye ...A blood vessel that had formed in my eye was leaking blood and fluid ...I had surgery to have the membrane removed ...I was told the return of my vision would be a long process. It has taken some people the better part of a year, and there was no guarantee that my vision would return to 20/20, even with corrective lenses. Then I went to see Mark. After one session, it was amazing what he did to me. I swear I walked out of there seeing better right away. I was impressed that when he touched my eye, he keyed right in on the area that was troubled. "My next visit to the retinal specialist was very interesting. He examined my eye and his exact words were, "You're healing remarkably well and fast." My vision had improved 20/40, which is much better. There is no doubt in my mind that it was Mark who helped me heal so quickly. I am anxious to see him again. I know after I do, there will be no more problems with my eye." --Melissa "Dear Mark, Just a note of thanks for the healing techniques you teach. I was blessed a week ago to have Gina assist you in scanning a tooth and gum infection that was increasing in pressure. By the time I left, the infection had painlessly opened and drained. In a week the dentist stated I must have a great ability to "self heal." I told her my experience in alternative spiritual healing." -D.G. "For years I have had pain in my right joint of the jaw, due to TMJ. Mark practiced his healing on my jaw and relieved the tension in my muscles without actually touching me! I could feel a sensation of cool air over my face as his hand hovered there. As he removed his hand slowly away, the pain and tension went with it. I have never before experienced relief in my jaw. My jaw still is more relaxed than it has ever been. Thank you!" - C.I. "I have had scoliosis in my lower back and neck that had always been a source of weakness and pain. In 1994 I injured my lower back. In 1994 it was a slipped disk. I couldn't move for a week and after that it was all I could do to get to work, and sit against an ice pack for hours ...I went to various doctors and therapy, but I couldn't get past a certain point of recovery ...I felt I was going crazy because I didn't know why I was feeling so terrible and not getting better. I couldn't find a doctor who would listen or help. I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis in 1998, which was contributing greatly to these problems. "The first time I saw Mark was at a jam-packed 'quick healing' session. Mark pulled my diseased body out of me. I was very surprised by that! I was feeling much better after that short session ...Mark encouraged me to see him in an hour session, which I did ...I immediately felt my whole body shift and felt like I was standing better. I felt great after that! No more pain! I could suddenly do things I hadn't done in years ...As of this writing I am feeling better than I have in 10 years. I have my life back and I have Mark to thank for that!" - J.C. "What a gift from God you are--I am so grateful for the prayers and support you have given me ...and grateful for filling a void I knew was empty but did not know how to fill . ..for giving me a feeling of lightness and love I never felt existed ...for showing me there is more to life and helping find the Love in me ...for showing me the light so I can be a better person ...My thanks to you will never be enough--I just hope someday I can show you my gratitude by being the best I can be--and helping others in whatever they need. Thank you." -- K.G. "Thank you for the second chance in this life. Day to day living is much easier as an adult. Warmly, P.B." More knowledge about mcdougal should not be discovered or perhaps is eliminated on the ask of your article author. You may might be considering various other ebooks from the Mark Earlix. I was in the position to collect a lot of the almost all iformatsii to suit your needs. 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